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April 17, 2017

warning ASR9K Line Card causing intermittent loss/latency spikes
Status: Resolved
10:10 AM CDT We are investigating an issue with a line card in one of our ASR9K internet edge routers which may be causing intermittent 1-2% packet loss across a subset of internet paths. We are in the process of moving traffic and circuits off this card in preparation for a reboot of the affected LC.
11:10 AM CDT We have almost completed re-routing traffic from the card and will proceed with the reboot shortly. There may be a brief moment of latency as the last few routes re-converge during the LC reboot.
11:18 AM CDT The card reboot is complete. Carrier links on the affected card are coming back online now.
12:12 PM CDT The card reboot appears to have resolved the loss/latency issue based on our initial monitoring. Please notify us via OnePortal ticket if you experience a recurrence of this issue.